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 The Vandals' Democratic System of Governance

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PostSubject: The Vandals' Democratic System of Governance   Sun Oct 03, 2010 1:04 am

All decisions that effect Vandals' members or that involve the guild will be decided democratically. All of these decisions will be voted upon in Poll topics. Each member may vote once, and must be permitted to be able to change their votes if they wish, and no time limit will be built into the poll. Any member may create a poll topic if they so desire. A final decision cannot be made until enough registered members have voted for one option that it will pass regardless of other votes cast; or until the end of a one week period. (The poll will remain open, but action can be taken on the most popular option.) Should the vote result in a tie, and all active members have cast their votes, a discussion should be held to determine which side feels they feel the strongest about the issue, and care the most. The party that care's more about the issue at hand will win the vote. (Also, if anyone wants to change their vote; this discussion can be used to convince them.) Should both (Or all) sides feel strongly about the issue (Or neither / none feel strongly) any parties interested in the outcome of the vote should meet in the Guild Hall, and each side should be assigned an amount of numbers from 1 to 6, such that every party involved is represented equally, and roll a Die.

The face which comes up, if no compromise is made, shall be the plan implemented.

The only exception to the process above are topics on the Vandal's policy / how we function. (Like how votes are held, if we start having recruitment requirements etc.) Polls of this sort have to be approved by all active registered members (Registration is explained in the link at the bottom), and need a 100% margin to pass. Should the Guild be mostly in consensus but 1 or 2 (A few / small minority ) members refuse to vote or take part in the setting of policy, (After an appropriate amount of time) another topic can be made to vote on whether to institute the policy in spite of the small minority of members.

Poll topics that don't relate to Vandal's policy, or the guild do not need to follow these guidelines and can be made as the user sees fit.

This policy was created democratically and agreed upon by all current members in this topic:

(It's in the members section so only members can see it.)

Amendments / Additions:
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The Vandals' Democratic System of Governance
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