Forum for the Mabinogi guild: Vandals. The guild is located on the Ruairi server. Find out about the Guild's general philosophy in Guild Info and apply for membership in the Recruitment threads. Welcome and Enjoy! (b^_^)b
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 The Vandals – Who We Are and What We’re About

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PostSubject: The Vandals – Who We Are and What We’re About   Fri Jul 16, 2010 1:18 pm

Who Is Allowed to Join?
Anyone who wants to join is invited; simply post an application on the recruitment page. There is no level requirement. All character races and classes are welcome.

The Vandals is a guild in the MMORPG Mabinogi.

Server – Ruairi
Leader – Vacan
Officer – Nydarusk

As far as game play goes: We will do things like guild runs of dungeons. Participating in activities like Guild Battles, Raids, Large PvPs can be done if there is interest.

The guild has little or no enforced hierarchy and is run democratically.

We strive to be an easy going group of players and we don’t want to take things too seriously. We believe that the game, Mabinogi, is meant to be fun and that no one should attempt to interfere with another person enjoying the game. The guild is essentially a social group of people who all play the same game: Helping each other out and getting to know each other better.

Guild leaders and officers work for the members of the guild and not the other way around. Authority in the guild simply involves coordinating guild events and handling any problems that the guild faces (this may involve removing players that are causing problems).

Everything that the guild does is optional and there really aren’t any fixed rules, we work more on guiding principles. Essentially:

1 – You should be an easy going person.

This will probably be the only enforced rule. If you’re being a dick to fellow players – You’re out!

2 – Try to remain active.

Life can get busy and it’s just a game so this will rarely be enforced. If we don’t hear from you in a month’s time, though, you may be removed from the guild temporarily.

3 – Help out new members and ask for help if you need it.

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PostSubject: Re: The Vandals – Who We Are and What We’re About   Tue Sep 28, 2010 3:11 am

As a member of the Vandals, you're expected to respect that ultimatley the point of Mabinogi is to have fun. You should never act in any way that interferes with others enjoyment of the game. Try to be conscious of others, and just don't be a dick =). It's the core principal and value of the Vandals.

Members are also encouraged to follow the PvP "Code of Chivalry". Which consists of a few basic tenets:
(This is not a requirement. The only PvP requirement of the Vandals is the same as our ONLY real requirement: Don't be a dick.)

1.) Thou Shalt not Random-
While this is one of the lesser and more flexible tenets, it still stands that PvP should have a reason. If someone doesn't want to PvP; don't force them to.

2.) Thou Shalt not Camp-
You should never "camp" another player. "Camping" is when a player or group of players continually attack another player and don't allow them to get up, and often type obscenities. This essentially puts the player being camped in Limbo. They are unable to turn off PvP or retaliate; and are forced to lay there unconscious or stand up only to die again. It's the most vile of PvP taboos in Mabinogi. Continually killing an aggressor in an attempt to let another player escape pvp is accepted by the code, however.

3.) Thou Shalt Assist Those Being Camped-
If you see another player being camped, and are unable to assist, inform them that they can type "/logout" to exit the game and change channels. If you are able to help someone being camped, even in the face of a loosing battle, you must come to the player's aid. Should you be defeated, call for back up, or resort to informing them of /logout and live to fight another day.

4.) Thou Shalt Not Flame-
Flaming is useless and excessive name calling, abusive speech etc. in PvP. Again, don't be a dick. It's simple.

5.) And as Always, Thou Shalt Not Be a Dick-
Be conscientious, do what you can to help out others; and make sure to have fun. That's the point of the game. To loose sight of that, would be a real shame.
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The Vandals – Who We Are and What We’re About
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