Forum for the Mabinogi guild: Vandals. The guild is located on the Ruairi server. Find out about the Guild's general philosophy in Guild Info and apply for membership in the Recruitment threads. Welcome and Enjoy! (b^_^)b
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 New to the Vandals? Check here!

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PostSubject: New to the Vandals? Check here!   Sun Oct 10, 2010 3:53 am

So you've just been approved to the Vandals. What's there to know? Well we're a pretty easy going guild. We don't really have any requirements other than our one rule: don't be a dick. So have fun.

This topic explains the basics about the Vandals who we are, what the point of the guild is etc.:

Quote :

Everything in the Vandals is run 100% democratically. This topic explains how that works:

Quote :

That's about it, have fun and make sure to ask questions if you need to. If you need any help with anything feel free to make a topic here or note Vacan or Nydarusk in game.

P.S. (If you're new to Mabinogi you might want to check out the Vandal's Academy section, there isn't much to it now, but hopefully we'll get to add more to it.)
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New to the Vandals? Check here!
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